• Day 1 Dubai - The New Old World
  • Day 2 Dubai – The City of Gold
  • Day 3: Evening Desert Safari
  • Day 4 Dubai - Off to your next Adventure

Welcome to the new old world. Unlike any other Arabian city Dubai will drown you in luxury at the edge of the desert. With a backdrop of rich desert heritage and a foreground of modern amenities this city will continue to surprise you with every passing palm tree island. After arriving at the airport and collecting your luggage you will find friendly DST staff waiting to greet you and take you to your hotel. Welcome to Dubai.


Today the tour takes you into the historic old quarters of the city. While Dubai is known for its opulent hospitality luxury hotels and impressive ever changing skyline there is a part of Dubai that remains true to its history as a trade port. After a stop at the Dubai Museum for a full education of the making of modern Dubai, your tour takes you to the heart of the old city – the souks. In the souks you will find yourself walking through history. The spices will surround and overwhelm you and the endless gold vendors will leave you wanting more no matter how much you buy. DST tops off the day with a traditional dhow dinner cruise. There is something fundamentally elegant aboard these wooden time machines....or perhaps it just took you until this moment to realize...you are on vacation in 19th century Dubai.

It’s already day three in Dubai and you have the morning to yourself. Sleep in or adventure out ...remember in Dubai the possibilities are as endless as long as you're willing to pay. Whatever you decide make sure you are back for the evening desert safari. The safari starts off with some dune bashing which is wildly entertaining...and not to be missed by tourists trying to make the most of their time. After the topsy -turvy ride the safari takes you even deeper into the desert for an Arabian night under the stars. With traditional Arabian entertainment and dinner served you will never forget your Safari in the Sand.

Although your trip will inevitably leave you wanting more Dubai friendly DST staff will arrange for your airport drop off. After this transit-action every future transit will inevitably be planned for the fabulous Dubai.

Alhamdulillah this Umrah trip through Darelsalam was as gr8 as was my Hajj trip back in 2008 with Darelsalam. Brother Mohamed taufeek in Madinah and Brother kamal in Makkah were really nice and helpful. I would definitely recommend Darelsalam to my friends like I have been doing it since my Hajj trip. Last but not…
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