December Umra Package 2R (Click for Details)

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  Its Highly recommended that you purchase Insurance to provide adequate cover for medical expenses or trip cancellation.

Available on:Thursday, December 21, 2017,Monday, January 1, 2018


  • Flights

    • TORONTO to MADINAH on Turkish Airlines
    • JEDDAH to TORONTO on Turkish Airlines


    • Quad Room
    • Triple Room
    • Double Room

Services Included & Itinerary

  • Features
  • Services Included
  • Great deal on December travel. includes Air Fare from Toronto ,10 Nights land accommodation with daily hot breakfast buffet, meet and assist , Mazarat and All Ground Transportation.
  • You will be joining AWAKENING UMRAH group with Shaikh Alaa El Sayed.
    • Breakfast
      Open Buffet
    • Ground Transfer by buses (Jeddah/ Madinah/Makkah/ Jeddah)
    • Ihram for male pilgrims/ Prayer rug for female pilgrims
    • Round Trip Flight Toronto/Jeddah/Toronto
    • Sightseeing in Madinah “Mazarat”
      A unique opportunity to view the foot steps of the prophets (PBUH) and his companions in Madinah. Site seeing tours include visiting the historical places such as: Masjid Al Quba (the first Masjid in Islam), Masjid Al Qiblatain (the Masjid where prayer was half facing both Qiblas at the same time), Sabaa Masaajid (where the Battle of Trench took place) and the mountain of Uhud (where the battle of Uhud took place).
    • Sightseeing in Makkah “Mazarat”
      (Mazaraat) in Makkah including Jabal Al Noor (where the cave of Hira is located),
      Mena Muzdalifah, Arafat including Jabal Al Rahmah (the mountain of Mercy in Arafat),
      Cave of Thaur (where the Prophet, May the Peace & Blessing of Allah be upon him hide from
      his enemies during migration to Madinah) and Jannat Al Mualla (cemetary in Makkah where
      Khadija, may Allah be Pleased with her) and many scolars are buried. 
    • Visa Processing, Meet and Assist
      At Jeddah or Madinah Airport, and after completing the paper work, providetransportation to the hotel where our staff will assist in checking-in.
    Alhamdulillah this Umrah trip through Darelsalam was as gr8 as was my Hajj trip back in 2008 with Darelsalam. Brother Mohamed taufeek in Madinah and Brother kamal in Makkah were really nice and helpful. I would definitely recommend Darelsalam to my friends like I have been doing it since my Hajj trip. Last but not…
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